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Privacy Policy

We at Simply Quick Payday Loans assure you that we never share borrowers’ information with a third party. Whatever information you provide remains safe and well- protected with us. Unlike many other service providers who sell borrowers’ information for a few bucks, we give you 100% assurance that your information is safe and secure.

By reading our policy carefully, you will get to know about our collection and sharing habits. We collect some of borrowers’ personal information like your name, email ID, address, contact number, date of birth, bank details, employment status, citizenship status, etc. The reason we collect such details is just to share it with our trusted network of best and reputed lenders. We believe in providing a safe environment without any hassle.

On the other side, we also collect some non-personal identifiable information like IP address, browser type, access time, areas of your visits, cookies, etc. We just collect such details to know how our website is used. It helps in better database management service.

There is no need to revealing borrowers’ personal information if you are merely browsing our site pages just to read details on our website for personal use. You can visit our site pages anytime 24x7 without any obligation. We only ask you to provide your personal information when you apply with us.

At simply quick payday loans, we always improve our services and products from time to time without giving any prior notice. To stay updated about any changes, you are requested to visit this page at regular interval.

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